Upper Frying Pan Valley Caucus

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UFPVC Proposal

Whereas, the Upper Frying Pan Caucus is trying to increase participation within its caucus, be it proposed:

That the Caucus consider amendments to its Master Plan and Bylaws to allow membership in and voting by the children of landowners within the Caucus area who have attained the age of 18 years.  Further that the Caucus consider amendments that would allow membership and voting to the children of residents who have attained the age of 18 years, provided they continue to reside in the Caucus area.

That the Caucus consider amendments to its Master Plan and Bylaws to permit online voting on all matters that come before the Caucus;  that such voting may continue online for a maximum of 5 days after a duly constituted vote at a Caucus meeting where votes are taken in person.

That the Caucus consider streaming its proceedings live on line, at such point as it becomes technologically feasible (with a satellite hookup), and until such time, that it provide an audio link to permit caucus members to audio conference into the caucus meetings.  Also, until such time as technology permits video streaming, that all caucus meetings be digitally recorded and posted to the caucus web site.  This technological leap could eliminate the need for keeping the minutes.

That the Caucus consider purchasing its web site and all of its domain names, from John Swomley for $1, with the understanding that until further notice, Mr. Swomley will continue to pay the costs associated with servicing that site (including compensation of its webmaster), at no charge to the Caucus.

That the Caucus consider installing a satellite dish at the fire house and providing free wifi to its members at that location (with the consent and agreement of the Basalt Fire Department).  That the Caucus further consider providing wifi to guests and visitors of the Valley for
 a fee which could help defray the cost of the service.

That the Caucus consider amending the Master Plan and its Bylaws to permit use of the Upper Frying Pan Valley Caucus web site, in addition to any other means of notice, to announce the official business of the Caucus and conduct its business.